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Old versions of Skydroid GCS

8.2 (build 42) 2022-06-12
8.2 (build 41) 2022-06-11
8.2 (build 40) 2022-05-20
8.1 (build 39) 激光避障开关设置 新增 单点激光避障设置、全方位激光避障设置 2022-03-14
8.1 (build 38) 1.视频窗口切换问题修改 2.新增数字鹰吊舱控制 3.新增激 2022-03-12
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Introduction of Skydroid GCS

Skydroid GCS: The Ultimate App for Controlling Skydroid Drones!

Are you ready to take your drone flying experience to new heights? Look no further than Skydroid GCS, the ground control station app that puts you in complete control of your Skydroid drone. With its impressive features and user-friendly interface, this app is a game-changer for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Skydroid GCS is a ground control station (GCS) app for controlling Skydroid drones. It allows users to control the drone's flight, view live video from the drone's camera, and record flight data.

Key Features:
- Control the drone's flight: Take charge of your drone's altitude, speed, and direction effortlessly using our intuitive controls. Fly with precision and confidence like never before.
- View live video from the drone's camera: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking aerial view with real-time video streaming directly from your drone's camera. Capture stunning footage and share your adventures with the world.
- Record flight data: Keep track of every flight detail with our advanced flight data recording feature. Monitor the drone's altitude, speed, and location, and analyze the data to enhance your flying skills.
- Share flight data: Share your thrilling flight experiences with fellow drone enthusiasts by exporting flight data to a file or sharing it on social media. Inspire others and be part of a vibrant community.
- Setup multiple drones: Manage multiple drones effortlessly from a single app. Whether you're a professional pilot or a hobbyist with a fleet of drones, Skydroid GCS has got you covered.
- Add waypoints: Plan your drone's flight path by adding waypoints on the map. Sit back and watch as your drone autonomously follows the designated route, capturing stunning footage along the way.
- Return to home: Never worry about losing your drone or running out of battery. With just a tap on the app, command your drone to safely return to its home location, ensuring peace of mind.

Pros and Benefits:
- Unparalleled control: Skydroid GCS gives you complete control over your Skydroid drone, allowing you to fly with precision and confidence.
- Real-time video streaming: Experience the thrill of flying from a bird's-eye view with live video streaming directly from your drone's camera.
- Data-driven insights: Analyze flight data to improve your flying skills and make informed decisions for future flights.
- Community engagement: Share your flight data and connect with like-minded drone enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and inspiration.
- Seamless drone management: Effortlessly manage multiple drones from a single app, making it convenient for professionals and hobbyists alike.
- Enhanced safety features: The return to home function ensures your drone always finds its way back, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

Click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the app. Take control of your Skydroid drone like never before!

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