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    Old versions of MooWii Gaming

    2.0.5 (build 20) 1.适配新枪械; 2024-03-30
    2.0.4 (build 19) 1、优化识别方式 2、优化宏功能逻辑 3、解决国际服枪械配件 2024-03-20
    2.0.1 (build 18) 2024-03-04
    2.0.0 (build 17) 1.轮盘映射方向键 2.调整王座按键上限 3.墨鱼游戏空间站 2024-02-02
    1.7.8 (build 14) 2023-10-24

    Introduction of MooWii Gaming


    MooWii Gaming  is the ultimate mobile game assistant app that revolutionizes your gaming experience. By connecting your keyboard and mouse to your mobile device, you can enjoy seamless control, enhanced gameplay, and an incredibly intelligent gaming experience.

    Main Features:
    - Convenient Control: Connect your keyboard and mouse to your mobile device via Bluetooth or data cable for direct control, allowing you to effortlessly navigate your game character, switch viewing angles, and execute quick and continuous moves.
    - Smooth Gameplay: With  MooWii Gaming , you can enjoy smoother gameplay, eliminating the limitations of touch controls and unlocking your full gaming potential.
    - Enhanced Precision: Take advantage of the precision and accuracy offered by your keyboard and mouse, giving you an edge over your opponents and improving your gaming performance.
    - Expanded Gameplay: Explore a wide range of games on your mobile device, including Android games, with the support of  MooWii Gaming 's versatile compatibility.

    Advantages and Benefits:
    - Unleash Your Skills: With precise control and enhanced gameplay, you can unleash your gaming skills like never before, achieving higher scores and conquering new challenges.
    - Immersive Experience: Enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience with the convenience and familiarity of keyboard and mouse controls, making every gaming session more enjoyable.
    - Competitive Edge: Gain a competitive edge in multiplayer games by leveraging the precision and speed of your keyboard and mouse, outperforming your opponents and climbing the ranks.
    - Easy Setup: Simply click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the MooWii Gaming app on your Android or iOS device, and start gaming like a pro.

    Use Instructions:
    1. Click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the  MooWii Gaming  Android app on a smartphone or iOS on an iPhone.
    2. Connect your keyboard and mouse to your mobile device via Bluetooth or data cable.
    3. Insert the device into the keyboard and mouse.
    4. Launch the MooWii Gaming app and start enjoying the enhanced gaming experience.

    Call to Action:
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