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Version History

1.9.1 (build 12) 兼容277 2023-03-23
1.8.9 (build 11) 1、增加了APP版本更新推送,自升级功能; 2、优化了OTA 2022-09-08
1.8.7 (build 10) 1、解决一定情况下合并固件异常问题; 2、增加检测左右耳版本 2022-09-02
1.8.4 (build 9) 1、增加APP显示生产厂家,生产日期功能; 2、优化其它已知 2022-06-18
1.7.8 (build 8) 1、增加服务端在线统计功能; 2、增加APP在线推送更新版本 2022-05-13
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StarFun APK - Revolutionize Your TWS Earphone Experience!

Are you tired of struggling with complicated settings and limited control options for your TWS earphones? Look no further! StarFun App is here to transform the way you interact and control your earphones. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface, you'll never settle for ordinary audio again. Get ready to elevate your music experience to new heights!

Key Features:
- Bluetooth Renaming - Personalize your earphones by giving them a unique name that reflects your style and personality. Stand out from the crowd with a simple touch!
- Version Query - Stay up-to-date with the latest firmware updates for your earphones. Enjoy enhanced performance and new features as they become available.
- Manufacturer Query - Get detailed information about your earphones' manufacturer, ensuring authenticity and peace of mind.
- Function Switching - Seamlessly switch between different functions such as in-ear detection and low-latency game mode. Adapt to your surroundings and enjoy the perfect audio experience for any situation.
- OTA Upgrade - Experience hassle-free upgrades with Over-The-Air updates. Say goodbye to manual installations and enjoy the latest features effortlessly.

- Unleash your creativity and individuality by customizing your earphones' name.
- Stay ahead of the curve with regular firmware updates, ensuring optimal performance.
- Trust in the authenticity of your earphones with manufacturer information at your fingertips.
- Seamlessly adapt to different scenarios with function switching, enhancing your audio experience.
- Effortlessly upgrade your earphones with OTA updates, saving time and effort.

Step-by-Step Usage Instructions:
1. Download and install StarFun APK.
2. Open the app and ensure your TWS earphones are connected via Bluetooth.
3. Explore the intuitive interface and discover the various features available.
4. Customize your earphones' name, check for updates, and switch functions effortlessly.
5. Enjoy a whole new level of control and interaction with your TWS earphones!

Q: Is StarFun App compatible with all TWS earphones?
A: StarFun App is compatible with a wide range of TWS earphones. However, please check the app's compatibility list to ensure your specific model is supported.

Q: Can I use StarFun App on both iOS and Android devices?
A: Absolutely! StarFun App is available for both iOS and Android platforms, providing a seamless experience for all users.

Q: How often are firmware updates released?
A: Firmware updates are released periodically to enhance performance and introduce new features. Stay connected to StarFun App to receive the latest updates for your earphones.

Call to Action:
Upgrade your TWS earphone experience today with StarFun App! Download now and unlock a world of customization, control, and convenience.

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Starfun Screenshots
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