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1.0.2 (build 12) 2021-08-10
1.0.2 (build 11) 2021-08-08
1.0 (build 10) 2020-09-02
1.0 (build 9) 2020-09-02
1.0 (build 8) 2020-08-25


The GreenGrid app is focus on the global trading and value chain management in the fields of power equipment and components of Smart Gird, T&D and New Energy. It is auto-sync with the account of website version. With the mobile, you can work easily and conveniently.

Focus on Power Industry
The online marketplace focus on power industry, including T&D, smart grid and new energy. There are professional power equipment and components suppliers and technician. It’s supplied for power equipment manufacturer, trader, agent, EPC company and electricity utilities.

Product Solution
There are main products solutions for purchaser select products easily, including H.V. T&D solution, M.V. overhead transmission solution, M.V. underground distribution solution, L.V. distribution solution, Smart Grid solution, electrified railway solution, wind power solution, Solar solution, E.V. charger solution and so on. Search more on the app.

Customized Products
The suppliers provide products customized according to local standard and application and will meet the different technical requirements. GreegGrid platform supply R&D service for purchasers and suppliers to improve customized demand.

Quality Control
The suppliers can only register on GreenGrid marketplace after strict pre-qualification by professional inspection team. And they have to go through annual review and rating. All the products will be tested before shipping. Purchaser can remotely witness the test process and receive the test report. Also you can entrust the independent QC team on the platform to witness the test.

Quickly Order
Place and order quickly, reduce the process of international procurement and improve business efficiency by eliminating tedious paper work.

Order Tracking
Track order process and shipping record in real time. Know more about your products situation with the RFID or QR code.

Membership Discount
Membership will get the discount when placing the order to reduce purchasing cost. The discount value is different according to different member level.

Supply Chain Service
On the basis of online trade, GreenGrid provides more value-added services, such as financing service, inspection service, business management service, logistics service, to help users to create more value.