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13.0.17 (build 22) 2022-11-22


- Precise Roasting Control: Adjust temperature, time, and airflow to achieve the perfect roast every time.
- Roast Profiles: Create and save custom roast profiles tailored to your preferences.
- Bean Library: Access a vast collection of coffee bean profiles and experiment with different flavors.
- Real-time Monitoring: Monitor the roasting process with live temperature and time updates.
- Expert Tips: Get valuable insights and tips from professional coffee roasters to enhance your skills.
- Community: Connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts, share your roasting experiences, and discover new recipes.

- Unleash Your Creativity: Experiment with various roast profiles and discover unique flavor profiles.
- Consistent Results: Achieve consistent and repeatable roasts with precise control over the process.
- Expert Guidance: Learn from industry experts and improve your roasting skills with their valuable tips.
- Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded coffee lovers, exchange ideas, and expand your knowledge.

- Elevate Your Coffee Experience: Enjoy the satisfaction of roasting your own coffee beans and savor the rich flavors.
- Cost Savings: Save money by roasting your own beans instead of buying expensive pre-roasted coffee.
- Tailored to Your Tastes: Customize your roast profiles to match your preferred flavor intensity and aroma.
- Share and Inspire: Share your unique roasting creations with the community and inspire others to explore the world of coffee roasting.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the Android app on your smartphone.
2. Open the app and create your account to access all the features.
3. Connect your Santoker Roasting Machine to the app via Bluetooth.
4. Explore the bean library, select your desired coffee beans, and choose a roast profile or create your own.
5. Adjust the temperature, time, and airflow settings according to your preferences.
6. Start the roasting process and monitor the progress in real-time.
7. Once the roast is complete, let the beans cool down and enjoy the freshly roasted coffee!

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