GRE 企业版


版本:0.0.4 (build 19) 大小:4.4 MB

版本:0.0.4 (build 9) 大小:3 MB


0.0.3 (build 18) 2018-06-07
0.0.2 (build 17) 2018-04-13
0.0.2 (build 16) 2018-04-11
0.0.2 (build 15) 2018-04-11
0.0.2 (build 14) 2018-04-11


Global Risk Exchange is a block-chain based,decentralized and open global risk exchange market, with the purpose of enabling individuals and organizations to trade risks.
GRE completely reinvents traditional risk management vehicles, and become the underlying infrastructure to support risk management in the era of block-chain.

1. Risk sell-out party:Individuals and businesses seeking to unload risks they face. They buy risk management policies, provide premiums to GRE, and pass on their own risks to other parties, and will receive tokens pay-offs if the risk do occur.

2. Risk take-in party: Individuals and businesses seeking to take-in risks in exchange for tokens. They bear the risk that the risk sell-out party pass on. If the risk do occur, they will provide tokens to the other side as specified in the contract.

Advantage of GRE:
1. Personalized: Anyone can find risks and provide either premium or capacity based personalized understanding of risks.
2. Private:Personal information is protected by block-chain and any access is only granted by people holding private key.
3. Incentive Mechanism: The community incentivizes members and individuals to create risk contracts and promote risk sharing.
4. Automatic: Smart contracts are automatically executed by oracle.