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Version History (build 1) 完美企业App v1.3.0 2023-03-22




- 一卡通充值:随时随地为您的一卡通进行充值,方便快捷。
- 挂失服务:一键挂失,保障您的资金安全。
- 交易查询:实时查询您的交易记录,掌握消费情况。
- 水电缴费:在线缴纳水电费,告别繁琐的缴费流程。
- 失物招领:发布失物信息,帮助您找回遗失物品。
- 报修服务:快速报修,解决企业设施问题。
- 扫码开门(门禁):便捷开门,提升企业门禁管理效率。
- 钥匙串(蓝牙门锁):智能门锁,保障企业安全。
- 考勤查询:随时查看员工考勤情况,提高管理效率。
- 会议查询:方便查询企业会议信息,不再错过重要会议。
- 消费提醒:实时提醒您的消费情况,掌握企业开支。
- 企业新闻公告查看及提醒:及时了解企业动态,不错过重要公告。
- 同事圈:与同事分享工作心得,促进团队合作。

1. 点击[安装]按钮或扫描二维码,在智能手机上下载并安装Android或iPhone上的iOS应用程序。
2. 打开应用程序,按照提示进行注册和登录。
3. 在主界面上选择您需要的功能,轻松管理企业事务。

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Perfect Enterprise App - Simplify Enterprise Management with One-Stop Self-Service!

Perfect Enterprise App is a comprehensive enterprise app developed by New Cape Electronics Co., Ltd. exclusively for enterprise-level customers. With our one-stop self-service, you can enjoy features like card recharge, loss reporting, transaction inquiry, utility bill payment, lost and found, maintenance requests, QR code door access, Bluetooth keychain, attendance inquiry, meeting schedule, expense reminders, corporate news and announcements, and colleague circle. Make your enterprise management more convenient and efficient!

Key Features:
- Card Recharge: Top up your card anytime, anywhere, for ultimate convenience.
- Loss Reporting: Report a lost card with just one click to ensure the safety of your funds.
- Transaction Inquiry: Real-time access to your transaction records, keeping you informed of your expenses.
- Utility Bill Payment: Pay your water and electricity bills online, bidding farewell to tedious payment processes.
- Lost and Found: Post information about lost items and increase the chances of retrieval.
- Maintenance Requests: Quickly report and resolve facility issues within your enterprise.
- QR Code Door Access: Conveniently access doors with a simple scan, enhancing your access control management.
- Bluetooth Keychain: Smart locks for enhanced enterprise security.
- Attendance Inquiry: Check employee attendance records anytime to improve management efficiency.
- Meeting Schedule: Easily access and manage corporate meeting information, never miss an important meeting again.
- Expense Reminders: Receive real-time reminders of your expenses, keeping your corporate spending in check.
- Corporate News and Announcements: Stay up-to-date with the latest corporate news and never miss important announcements.
- Colleague Circle: Share work experiences and foster team collaboration with colleagues.

How to Use:
1. Click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the Android app on your smartphone or iOS on an iPhone.
2. Open the app and follow the prompts to register and log in.
3. Select the desired feature from the main interface and effortlessly manage your enterprise affairs.

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The App may involve financial risks, Please install carefully