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3.1.3 (build 20231121)

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3.1.1 (build 20230913) 2023-09-27
3.1.0 (build 20230815) 2023-09-05
3.0.7 (build 20230724) 2023-07-24
3.0.4 (build 20230510) 2023-05-11
3.0.3 (build 20230324) 2023-04-07
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Xbox比价助手APP - 盒心光环:中国最大的Xbox玩家社区!
简介:欢迎来到Xbox比价助手APP - 盒心光环,这是中国最大的Xbox玩家社区!无论你是想查询游戏资料和价格信息,还是想同步你的游戏进度,我们都能满足你的需求!此外,你还可以创建自己的组队,找到游玩伙伴,并获取最新的Xbox资讯!立即下载我们的APP,让你的Xbox之旅更加精彩!

- 查询游戏资料和价格信息
- 同步游戏进度
- 创建组队,找寻游玩伙伴
- 获取最新的Xbox资讯

- 轻松获取游戏资料和价格信息,让你做出明智的购买决策
- 同步游戏进度,方便管理和分享你的游戏成就
- 创建组队,找到志同道合的游玩伙伴,一起畅玩游戏
- 获取最新的Xbox资讯,不再错过任何重要的游戏动态

1. 点击[安装]按钮或扫描二维码,在智能手机上下载并安装Android应用程序。
2. 打开应用程序并完成注册。
3. 浏览游戏资料和价格信息,同步你的游戏进度。
4. 创建组队,找到游玩伙伴,获取最新的Xbox资讯。

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Xbox Price Comparison Assistant APP - Halo of Gamers: China's Largest Xbox Player Community!
Introduction: Welcome to the Xbox Price Comparison Assistant APP - Halo of Gamers, the largest Xbox player community in China! Whether you want to check game information and price details or synchronize your game progress, we've got you covered! Additionally, you can create your own team, find gaming partners, and stay updated with the latest Xbox news! Download our app now to make your Xbox journey even more exciting!

- Check game information and price details
- Synchronize game progress
- Create teams and find gaming partners
- Get the latest Xbox news

Advantages and Benefits:
- Easily access game information and price details to make informed purchasing decisions
- Synchronize game progress for convenient management and sharing of your gaming achievements
- Create teams and find like-minded gaming partners to enjoy games together
- Stay updated with the latest Xbox news and never miss any important game updates

1. Click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the Android app on your smartphone.
2. Open the app and complete the registration process.
3. Browse game information and price details, and synchronize your game progress.
4. Create teams, find gaming partners, and get the latest Xbox news.

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