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Pgyer provides many testing products and services for Apps, which includes upload Apps, deliver Apps, compatibility test, functional test, security test and etc. We strive to improve product quality, optimize the user experice, improve service standars, and invite you join us to create a beeter application test market.

Our advantage

Multiple products

Pgyer has many products and service, which focus on App developers and development teams.

Channel brand influence

Pgyer products have a large number of developers and App users, so Pgyer can strongly attract and influence more users in the testing field.

Strong business support

Regular training system

There will be products, operations, channel teams to reguarly train products and develop teams.

Perfect technical support

professional technical support help you solve service, products, technical problems at nay time.

Rich resource sharing

A large number of documents, pictures, promotional materials to share with you. Enjjoy the company synchronization resourses.

Solid trade channel

The company will provide the most powerful support for agents, provding a variety of channels and help to agents and their bussiness.

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