Use feedback system

Whenever you have questions , suggestions or troubles of Pgyer, you can contact with by our feedback system:

  1. **Enter the feedback system: **Click “MY Ticket” in the navigation bar. Please make sure you are logged in.

  1. **Create a ticket: ** Click the Button “Add ticket”:

  1. **Write your questions and comments: ** Please detailed describe your questions and comments. Don’t forget your phone number and E-mail address, you will receive SMS and E-mail at once when our customer service answered. You can also upload files when you need.

When you already have tickets, you can view all details in line.

  1. ** Contact with our customer service: ** Our customer service will deal with your tickets immediately when we received your tickets. A detailed answer will be in your feedback system as well as SMS and E-mail notification will be also sent to you.

**If you could not enter the feedback system when you do correct operation, pleaser try to sign in again. **