Display App Store Download Link

To append an app store download link in 'App Download Page' is allowed.

Generally, the usage scenario as following:

  1. After a Closed beta finished. App is already online. Beta users who continuously want to get the app via pgyer.com can also get an app on App Store.
  2. Direct beta users to get the App store version instead of the beta version.


Step 1: Goto MY APPS - Select an App - Setting - App (or Android) store link setting.


Step 2: As the picture shown, Input App (or Android) Store link field. Notice that App store link is required if your app is IOS app. Otherwise, just input app market links.

Step 3: Double check the option 'Display the App (or Android) Store link'in 'Whether to display the App Store link to the download page'field is selected.

After setting like this, The Download In App (or Android) Store button will show in app download page. And user will redirect to App (or Android) Store when the button clicked.


In addition. You can set 'Whether to automatically go to App (or Android) Store link' option to 'Automatically go to App (or Android) Store link', If you wish the user directly jump to store to download apps.



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