Android SDK Eclipse plug-in

PgyerSDK Eclipse plug-in can help Andrews applications quickly integrate dandelion Android SDK.

1、Install the PgyerSDK Eclipse plugin

Open ADT or Eclipse, click "Install New Software ..." in the "Help" menu and copy the following link to the input box above the "Select All" button:

Click on "Select All",cancel "Contact all update sites" check, click "Next>",until the installation is complete and restartedEclipse。

Select the work area of the android project, right menu appears "Pgyer" menu description plug-in installation is successful.

2. Integrated Pgyer Android SDK

Select the Andrews project right click to select Pgyer -> integrated SDK, will be in the current project under the libs add gyerP SDK, and verify that theAndroidManifest.xml whether include the SDK to use the permissions, suggesting that "verify the "Configuration success ", you can start using the SDK in the project provided by the method.