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My App

Enter the “My App” interface from Pgyer's homepage, click some App in the application management list can get into it’s own homepage. As shown:


【pic 1】

Check App Information

Developer can check the general information of an App in its homepage, such as App ID, version, participating members, App Statistics and SDK Integration information. App Statistics include the number of users and Crashes, the total error rate and the number of feedback. The location 5 in fig.1 prompts whether the SDK integration is successful. It prompts the text following “5” in fig.1 if the integration is successful, otherwise prompts “You can achieve Automatic Updates, Crash Statistics and other functions more easily after SDK Integration”.

Member Management

It is allowed for developers to add multiple managers (each has the same permission) to an App in Pgyer.

Click location 4 in fig.1 enter Member Management page to manage the members of the App. Developers are free to add other managers in this page.

App Switching

In an App’s homepage, click the arrow next to App’s name (location 1 in fig.1) to display other Apps of the current developer (as shown in fig.2), it’s convenient for developer to achieve quick switching between his own Apps.

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