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How to install the App uploaded by developer?

There are two ways to install App from Pgyer:

  • Open the page of the App you’d like to install and click “ Install the Application ” button in your phone’s browser.
  • Open the page of the App you’d like to install on a pc, and then use your phone to scan the QR code.

Is it necessary to install Apps through the third-party platforms such as App Store, Google Play and 360 App Market.

It’s unnecessary. User can download and install Apps straightly from Pgyer without any third-party platform.

Is it necessary to connect your phone to a pc with a cable and to install mobile phone assistant softwares like iTunes and Myapp during the installation?

It’s unnecessary. User can download and install Apps straightly from Pgyer without any connection to pc or any operation on pc.

Why does it prompt that the App can’t be installed?

For iOS-based App:

  1. If the App is packaged in Ad-Hoc mode (displayed as private beta version on the page), developer needs to add specific UDIDs of iOS devices to a file named “mobileprovision” to accomplish the installation. You can use the UDID obtaining function provided by Pgyer to get the UDIDs of devices.
  2. If the App is packaged in In-House mode with Apple Enterprise Develop Account, it’s necessary to check whether the In-House certificate is overdue, if that is the case, the App can not be installed.
  3. If the App is already installed, please uninstall it and then reinstall the new version.
  4. Please check the network circumstance of your phone. Successful installation needs Internet connection, so make sure that your phone is able to surf the Internet and the connection is alright.
  5. Please try to reboot your phone and reinstall the App.

For Android-based App:

  1. If it prompts “Unable to install unknown-source application” during installation, please turn the function “Allow unknown-source application installation ” on in settings.Click here to view the graphics tutorial.
  2. If it prompts “Unable to download application” or occurs network error, please check your phone and it’s network circumstance or try to use other networks.

Why does it prompt ”Unable to connect to” during the installation of iOS-based App?

It’s mainly due to user’s network or mobile phone cache error, here are two ways may help you solve the problem:

  • Reboot your phone, then try to reinstall the App.
  • Change a network circumstance, for instance, change a Wi-Fi hotspot, or change Wi-Fi to 3G/4G network, then try to reinstall the App.

Is it necessary to keep your phone connected to network during installation?

Absolutely yes. Because App is downloaded and installed via your phone, so it’s necessary to keep your phone connected to network to ensure a successful installation.

Why is there no response when install an App in WeChat?

WeChat can only open its own websites according to the current strategy, that means you are unable to open other websites in WeChat. So you have to click the “More” button on the top right corner of WeChat interface and then the ”Open in Browser” button to fulfill a normal installation.

Why does the App flash back immediately when I open it or prompt “Unable to Install”?

You can try the following operation if this happens:

  • If the App is released in Ad-Hoc mode, please make sure that the device’s UDID has been added into configuration file when packaging. Installation can’t go on smoothly without the operation mentioned above.
  • If the App is released with Apple Enterprise Signature, please make sure that the signature isn’t overdue.
  • If the App is released with Pgyer Enterprise Signature, please try to re-upload and reinstall it.
  • If the methods mentioned above can’t solve the problem, please check the App’s CPU architecture, system version, and whether the hardware model is suitable for the current device, meanwhile, try to reboot the device or change a network circumstance.



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