User Feedback

Click “Feedback” in App Dashboard enter the feedback list. As shown:


【fig 1】

Add Feedback

In the feedback list, click “Add Feedback” button (“1” in fig.1) enter the corresponding page, fill in the feedback information, you can upload some screenshots at the same time, then click “Submit” to add a feedback. It will return to list page automatically after the addition.

Note: Feedback information can not only be added via App Dashboard, but also the following two ways:

  1. Use the Shake Feedback function in the SDK integrated App to realize the addition.
  2. In Pgyer’s iOS/Android-based desktop client, add the feedback to objective App directly.

Developer can check and carry out operation in App Dashboard whichever way he submits the feedback.

Feedback Handling

In the App feedback list, tick specific feedback (“2” in fig.1) to carry out corresponding operation on its state information. For instance, modify the state of a solved feedback into “solved”.

Check Feedback

If you want to check some feedback’s details, click its title in list, as shown:




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